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"Strength" Tarot Card

I love this oracle deck, a variation on the Lenormand Tarot.

May 25th (today) is World Tarot Day! Give yourself a reading!

May 25th (today) is World Tarot Day! Give yourself a reading!

Wish I could go…

My first blog in my interview with deck creator and reader, Marcia McCord, outlined basic differences between the Lenormand and 78-card Tarot decks. The second went deeper into the history of the deck, as well as the Grand Tableau spread. In this, the last in our series, Marcia McCord digs deeper into Petit Lenormand card interpretation, directional interpretations, and Marcia’s work developing Tarot and Petit Lenormand decks.

In Part 1 of our interview with Marcia McCord, Tarot reader and deck creator, we talk about the basic differences between a Petit Lenormand deck and a “normal” Tarot deck. In this blog, part two of three, Marcia delves deeper into the history of the Petit Lenormand and 78-card Tarot decks, and discusses the Grand Tableau spread.

Today kicks off my three-part interview series with deck creator, Tarot reader, and plain amazing woman, Marcia McCord. I confess I’ve been out of the Tarot scene for a while, so the Lenormand Tarot craze caught me by surprise. Here, Marcia explains what it’s all (or mostly) about…

Tarot: The Empress (III)

The Emperor (Tarot of the Roses)

Love Lon Milo Duquette!