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Looking for a spooky read? I write novels of urban fantasy, paranormal mystery and steampunk suspense. Here you can find images, paranormal news and quotations that inspire my writing. Click the "buy the novels" link above to see all my books on Amazon.
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Before trashing an author for using a word that doesn’t exist, please:

a) Check a dictionary. The word might actually exist.

b) Consider if the author might be using a rhetorical device, such as antimeria (using a noun as a verb).

Thank you for your consideration.

Plague Town

By Dana Fredsti

5 Star Review

Having known some real world zombies, I was hesitant about picking up a book on the animated undead.  But boy, I’m glad I did. 

Plague Town is a fast paced novel set in a small university town.  I had a tough time putting the book down, staying up late into the night to see what happened next. The characters are brilliantly drawn, engaging, and (mostly) likable.  It’s nice to see a lead female character (Ash) who isn’t always tripping over her high heels, but isn’t a super hero either.  Well, Ash is sort of a super hero, but she has challenges to overcome and there’s a definite learning curve - both emotionally and in zombie hunting. 

So if you’re looking for a thrilling read, great characters, and some clever Evil Dead references, I’d highly recommend Plague Town.  Besides, zombie is the new vampire, don’t you know? 

You can find it on Amazon, here.