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Looking for a spooky read? I write novels of urban fantasy, paranormal mystery and steampunk suspense. Here you can find images, paranormal news and quotations that inspire my writing. Click the "buy the novels" link above to see all my books on Amazon.
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Twitter for Authors and a Free PNR

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If I wrote it, would they come?

That’s the terrifying takeaway I get from this TED video on Twitter fiction. This guy provides some terrific examples of Twitter fiction. And I know paranormal romance author, Jayne Ann Krentz, made a big splash by tweeting a micro-novel (it’s now available as a free ebook on Amazon).

I totally want to do this.

But if I tweeted it, would they come?

If you’re an…

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Since I’m a marketing consultant by day and paranormal mystery writer by night, this infographic caught my eye.  I hope it inspires your own social media efforts.

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Hemingway’s Writing Desk, Hemingway House, Key West

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What have I done?  I not only set an August 31st deadline for the Metaphysical Detective, but to hold myself to it I’ve actually been advertising that deadline.  

Breathe.  I can do this.

Never mind that I still don’t have a Tarot artist lined up, or that I’m just past halfway through the story.

I can do it.

The sad fact is that I’m one of those people who needs a deadline.  It’s the only thing that keeps me to any semblance of a writing schedule. And since writing is a sedentary pursuit, I can at least get an adrenaline rush racing a looming deadline.

A few years back I visited Hemingway’s house in Key West.  The tour guide told us he wrote in the morning - 500 words a day - and then it was off to fishing, drinking, and running amuck.  Need I add that he’s my hero?  I also read recently that his writing was informed by the telegraph - the new need for brevity in telegraph communications made him force every word to count.  I wonder what he would have made of Twitter?  Nah, Hemingway was way too macho to do something called “Tweeting.”