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Looking for a spooky read? I write novels of urban fantasy, paranormal mystery and steampunk suspense. Here you can find images, paranormal news and quotations that inspire my writing. Click the "buy the novels" link above to see all my books on Amazon.
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Ah, the memories…

Harry Potter vs. Twilight dance battle!!!

Magic by Coldplay

29 Ways to Stay Creative

The Game of Thrones theme song gets a New Orleans spin.

Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time. Apparently, the bats were filmed hanging upside down and then the video was flipped. Hat tip: Marcia McCord

Loyal Dog of the Zombie Apocalypse Just Wants to Find His Boy

30 second video of baby who wakes up dancing. I wish I could wake up like this!

Katniss Kills EVERYTHING

Tools of Goetia